[Solution Available] Mat 540 Assignment WileyPlus Week 1

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Wiley PLUS: Week One Homework ProblemsComplete the following practice problems in WileyPLUS. Chapter 1 Review 1.20 a,b,c; 1.21 a,b,c; 1.24; 1.27; 1.28 a,b,c?????????? Chapter 2 Section 2.2 2.1a, c, 2.7, 2.12, 2.13c, 2.19a, 2.24Chapter 2 Section 2.3 2.29b, 2.40a, b, 2.51a, b?????????? Chapter 2 Section 2.4 2.69a, b, cChapter 2 Review 2.114 c,e; 2.115 a?120Consider the population of all students at your college. You want to learn about total monthly entertainment expenses for a student.(a)??? Specify the population unit(b)?? Specify the variable interest(c)??? Specify the statistical population?121Consider the population of persons living in Chicago. You want to learn about the proportion of eligible voters who are registered to vote.(a.)? ?Specify the Population unit(b.)?Specify the variable of interest.(c.)? ?Specify the statistical population.?124A phone survey in 2008 of 1010 adults included a response to the number of leisure hours per week. Identify the population unit, statistical population, and sample.?127Each year a local weekly newspaper gives out ?Best of the city? awards in categories such as restaurant, deli, pastry shop, and so on. Readers are asked to fill in their favorites on a form at the website of the weekly paper. The establishment receiving the most votes is declared the winner in its category. Identify the population and sample and comment on the representation of the sample.?128.Which of the following are anecdotal and which are based on sample?a)????? Out of 200 students questioned40 admitted they lied regularlyb)????? Bobbie says the produce market is the freshest in the city.c)????? Out of 50 persons interviewed at a shopping mall, 18 had made a purchase that day.??2.2 Math homework help Mat 540 Assignment WileyPlus Week 1

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