Required ReadingClark, M. W. (March 13, 2013). The Miranda

Required Reading,,Clark, M. W. (March 13, 2013). The Miranda Arrest: 50 Years Later: The legal challenge to Miranda’s arrest forever changed the way officers deal with custodial interrogations. Police Magazine. Retrieved April 1, 2013 from,,Petrocelli, J. (May 11, 2010). How It All Began: Miranda v. Arizona Ernesto Miranda’s arrest forever altered police custodial interrogation. Police Magazine. Retrieved April 1, 2013 from,,Assignment,,Write a 4-5 page essay (not including cover and reference pages) answering the following question:,,Compare and contrast the legal “entitlements” of criminals vs. enemy combatants, and synthesize an approach that could satisfy both the US criminal systems and wartime combatant situations.,,Use at least three different sources of information in your essay above and beyond the required and suggested readings from this Module.

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