The Insanity Defense. (n.d.). Oakwood Publishing Company.

The Insanity Defense. (n.d.). Oakwood Publishing Company. Retrieved March 17, 2013 from,,Assignment,,Write a 4-5 page essay (not including cover and reference pages) answering the following question:,,The insanity defense is arguably the most controversial (and most abused) of all the potential criminal defenses. Yet, there are many cases in which the insanity defense is a legitimate defense and should be used.,,There is a move afoot to do away with the insanity defense, especially in those cases where someone “shoots up the place” or other heinous acts that a “normal” person would know not to do.,,Evaluate the arguments for and against retaining the insanity defense. Synthesize possible alternatives to the defense.,,Be sure to use at least three different sources of information in your essay above and beyond the required and suggested readings from this Module.

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